Opinion – How the Nintendo Switch Online Lounge could be improved

Nintendo recently released the Nintendo Switch Online Lounge app for iOS and Android. The app is supposed to make matchmaking with friends easier, and gives you the ability to voice chat too, as well as offering companion services to select titles.

Unfortunately, many gamers feel that it is an unnecessary method to what should generally be a feature built into the Switch itself, and I would have to agree. However, I do see some potential with the app if handled correctly. So much so, I’ve come up with five ways Nintendo could improve the service!

Check them out after the break!


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OPINION – Should Nintendo Become Mobile Only?

Not too long ago, Nintendo announced their partnership with DeNA to, not only produce a unified account system, but also to bring beloved Nintendo IPs to mobile devices. At the time, Nintendo also announced the NX, Nintendo’s next dedicated video game system, to make sure people understood that Nintendo were not going to focus primarily on mobile platforms.

However, with companies like SEGA and Konami now driving more focus towards mobile platforms, and with the sluggish sales of the Wii U, is it time for Ninty to hand in the towel for console gaming and go mobile?

Check out reasons why we think Nintendo should and should not go mobile only/focused after the break!


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