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Sticky The Rules - v3.1

Discussion in 'Website Feedback + Community' started by triforceguy1, Jun 6, 2016.

  1. triforceguy1

    Staff Member Flint Cragley

    Oct 3, 2010
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    This is it - these are the rules you need to follow while using NintyBuzz. The number of warning points received for a breakage is written by each rule, but these are only a guide, and admods will obviously be using discretion while giving out infractions.
    1. Inappropriate Material/Swearing (3 warning points) - NintyBuzz is mainly a family friendly area so we expect all members to be mature enough to know what is right and what is wrong when posting. We expect no one to post any content of a rude, threatening, sexual, or illegal manner. This means no porn (or images which have strong sexual references). Swearing is allowed, but please try to use this right appropriately. If you are old enough to know about profanity, then you should be mature enough to know when to use it. If we feel that you are using profanity too much, we may have words with you and possibly infract you too. We understand that there are several younger members in the community, so we have a profanity filter in place which can be turned on or off at any time from your profile, though turning it off will be at your own risk. NOTE Using any derogatory terms, such as (but not limited to) f** (for gay), c***t (for woman), and n***** (for a black person) is EXTREMELY frowned upon, and doing so WILL result in a temporary or permanent ban! If you are posting an image which contains profanity, please post it in a spoiler tag with the NSFW label
    2. Piracy is Wrong (Variable) - Piracy is bad, m’kay! For those who do not know, piracy is ‘the unauthorised use or reproduction of someone else’s work’, this includes (but is not limited to) downloading ROMs online and distributing ROMs. Discussion about piracy in a positive light will grant you 5 warning points and a nasty slap on the wrist, but using NB to distribute unauthorised media either directly or indirectly will grant you a permanent ban and we will also contact the relevant authorities. Note that promotion of R4 cards (the sale of which is illegal under UK law, and use of which to play software without paying for it is illegal in most territories) is strictly prohibited under this rule and will be considered equivalent to advertising a website selling pirated media. If you want to know more about the legality of piracy in the US, head here.
    3. ROM Hacking (a grey area) - ROM hacking is when you modify the ROM image (the softwares files essentially) with the purpose to enhance a game. This is a bit of a grey area as it can easily fall under the Piracy rule. It isn’t strictly illegal, though it is frowned upon by some developers. We currently have a sub-forum where you can discuss ROM Hacking as well as post tutorials, though you are NOT allowed to distribute any ROMs or other pirated media. It is also important to note that posting in that section and performing any hacking is at your own discretion. NintyBuzz will not be held responsible for any damages caused by ROM hacking. If this becomes to much of a problem, it will be discussed whether or not the section will remain!
    4. Respect Fellow Forum Members (5 warning points) - Like we mentioned earlier, we expect all members to understand what is right and what is wrong to post on the forums, and this should also be said for the way you treat other members here. NintyBuzz has zero tolerance against bullying of any kind (intending to cause physical or mental harm to other people), this includes harassment. We understand that some people may just be posting banter (I LOATHE that word) though you have to understand that some people may not get this. For this reason, if you are going to post anything which may be considered offensive in a joking manner, please make it clear that you were joking in your post (such as putting ‘jk’ or ‘just kidding’). Any continued or personal harassment/bullying will be dealt under a more strict manner. It is also important to know that any discrimination based the protected characteristics (age, gender reassignment, marriage/civil partnership, pregnancy/maternity, race, sex, religion/belief, and sexual orientation) may result in a ban. I know some of the groups may not be necessary to mention, but you just never know.
    5. Stay on Topic (1 warning point) - Rather self explanatory, but please keep topics on topic. There is nothing more annoying than reading a thread about the latest NX rumours only to find out that it eventually lead to the discussion of the best brands of toilet. I personally prefer Burlington… but thats beyond the point.
    6. No Spam (2 warning points) - No, we are not talking about the brand of processed beef that is surprising popular in Hawai’i, we’re talking about posts that serve absolutely no purpose. Going off topic and posting spam are similar but are not necessarily the same. Going off topic may include making a purposeful post but it is just in the wrong section, however posting something like ‘I like pigeons’ or ‘Okay’ have no purpose and add absolutely nothing to the topic. Single word posts and replies with just a picture also count towards this.
    7. No Trolling (Variable) - Essentially, Trolls are the Jesticles of the internet. No one likes them and their only purpose in life are to cause the discord of other people. Trolls will purposefully make comments that cause arguments or to bully just for a reaction or to make people feel bad. There is a distinct line between a heated discussion/debate and trolling. Saying something like ‘I hate anime because it’s full of teenage girls in skimpy outfits’ is acceptable because you are merely stating an opinion, but saying something like ‘Anime is for effing perverts with no life’ is trolling (or just plain rude) because it is attacking people who like Anime. Trolling is a serious issue and will not be taken lightly, any trolls will be dealt with by our resident sasquatch
    8. No Like for Like (1 warning point) - If you like a post, then click like, it’s as simple as that. Trading likes just to boost your ‘popularity’ is a petty and immature act and can easily cause arguments, so just don’t for like for a like… a like for a like-like on the other hand… Oh, and using the Like system in spite of other members just proves how petty and immature you can be. With the addition of Yoshi's Trading Post, you can earn Melons (forum currency) by people liking your posts. Anyone who tries to buy or trade likes for more Melons will have this method revoked, as well as their Melon count decreased.
    9. DON'T Respond to Spam/Trolls (2 warning points) - See some spam? think someone is trolling? Don’t respond to it. responding to spam and trolls is essentially doing exactly what they want, so if you see any, just use our nifty report button and one of our qualified* spam busters and troll hunters will deal with them in a prompt manner. We will, however, accept the infrequent use of pigeons *not actually qualified
    10. Write in Understandable English (1 warning point) - We don't expect you to have achieved a first-class degree in English Language from Cambridge to be part of the community here, but please try and write in an understandable way. This includes using capital letters (but not all the time!), spaces and full-stops/periods. The reasoning behind this is that it can be quite difficult for people to read posts if they are not written in a reasonable way. Commonly used text language is allowed in infrequent use though.
    11. Don't Create Duplicate Threads (2 warning points) - When making a new thread, ensure that there is no thread already in existence that has the exact same purpose as your potential new thread. You may "bump" an old thread according to the rule below.
    12. Be Wary When Bumping Threads (2 warning points) - Bumping threads (posting in a thread that isn't on the first page of the list of threads in a section) should only ever happen if a) You were about to create a thread on exactly the same topic, or b) You have something meaningful to add to the topic (not just something like "uhuh, I agree with Vader"). Otherwise, let dead threads lie.
    13. Always give Credit to a Source (1 warning point) - This rule simply forbids both copy+pasting and paraphrasing material from another source without proving a link, or stating clearly where it has come from. Not only is it a legal requirement in most territories, but giving credit to sources from which you have retrieved information is simply good online practice. As a writer, I have a duty to give credit to where I get my information for articles from, as do you when writing on the forums. Also, please do not claim that any content is your own unless it is actually your own. Doing so is a breach of copyright.
    14. Look After Your Account (2 warning points) - You are responsible for any activity that happens on your Buzz account. This means that if a younger sister gets on your account and posts spam on someone else's profile, you can be held responsible for that spam, and may receive an infraction. Having said that though, we will be more lenient if we have reason to believe that rule-breaking activity was not personally down to you, and in such cases an infraction will be limited to 1 point. This rule includes the restriction of one account per person - you are only permitted to have one Buzz account.
    15. Advertising (2 warning points) - To be able to advertise your website on the Forums, you need to have at least 20 posts, and have been a member here for at least one year (we will include membership from the 3DS Buzz days). If you have permission from an admin, a poll will be created in which other members vote whether they want your website advertised on our forum or not (and possibly linked on the main page). If the majority of members vote "no", or you try to advertise your website without going through this process, you will be infracted. Also, any advertising which we find that damages NintyBuzz by taking away traffic is forbidden (this also includes advertising private chat rooms)
    16. No Moderator Discussion (1 warning point) - Due to the tension, arrogance and upset it can create, discussion of who could become a mod, who you'd like to see as a mod or whether current mods should be demoted is unacceptable. There is no line of tolerance, any comments that could be interpreted as discussing the positions of moderators will be deleted and infracted.
    17. Free Speech (1 warning point) - Whilst you are totally free to discuss, debate and talk about religion and other 'deep' issues, it's important to remember that looking down on others who hold different beliefs to you, or attempting to force someone else to hold the same beliefs as you, will not be permitted. The line here is that a Christian saying "I believe you need to accept Jesus into your life to get into heaven, I'd love it if you'd investigate the facts and/or chat about it with me" is acceptable since it isn't aggressive/disrespectful to the person they're talking to. However, language used should be moderate, and not recognisable as an attack on those with different beliefs (Atheists, Christians and all other beliefs). This rule is drawn up in accordance with UK law. [1]
    18. No Stupid Memes (1 warning point) - When posting a picture on a thread, please make sure that it's either funny, helpful, or that it adds to the conversation. Replies with just a single image will be deleted because they derail the thread, and are also used to bait likes. This falls under the same category as "stay on topic", but I have made it a separate rule because it has been a problem lately. If you have a funny picture you would like to post, make sure it's either relevant, or somewhere in the Anything Goes forum.
    19. Disposable Emails are Forbidden - Disposable emails are email addresses which are automatically deleted after a specific amount of time. These are usually used by spammers or those who wish to bypass double account rules, mainly for trolling purposes. If you use one of these services to create an account here, then you will become instantly banned. Please use a legitimate emailing address!
    20. Exploiting Melon Gain Events (5 warning points) - We have recently employed a new shop system which we call Yoshi's Trading Post, and you can earn Melons (forum currency) in a variety of ways. Anyone caught exploiting this system to unfairly earn more Melons (such as creating multiple accounts), or any unauthorised transactions are forbidden, and anyone caught doing so will have their Melons reset to zero, and receive 5 warning points. Any continued offences could possibly ban you from using Yoshi's Trading Post in the future.
    If you happen to be a very naughty boy (or girl), then you will receive a certain amount of Warning Points. Racking up too many may cause you to receive a ban from the forums. If you are proving to be a troublesome member, we will consider disqualifying you from all future community events, as well as ban you from using Yoshi's Trading Post.
    Here's the breakdown:

    20 points - three day ban
    40 points - week long ban
    50 points - permanent ban

    The above thresholds are only a guide, and we will obviously use discretion when handing out bans. We would really welcome any feedback on the system in this thread - the warnings system is there so that you are able to enjoy the forums fully, and for that reason it's ultimately up to you how it's run.


    If you see a post breaking any rules, please report it using the built in reporting function, which can be accessed at the bottom left of any post. To report that post, click on the word 'report' at the bottom of a post. The report will then pop up in our reports system.

    Any member, no matter how new, is entitled to report a post, and there is no penalty for incorrect reports, so please don't be put off from using the button if you aren't sure - reporting is anonymous to members, i.e. only mods can see who reported. However, if someone is obviously abusing the system, action will be taken, as large numbers of spammy reports take up the moderators' time.

    If an issue goes deeper than one post, feel free to contact a mod/admin who will be happy to help. However, please don't contact us just to report people who have made one dodgy post - it's much more efficient for us if you just use the report button.
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  2. triforceguy1

    Staff Member Flint Cragley

    Oct 3, 2010
    Likes Received:

    @triforceguy1 (Leon Fletcher)


    @Homer Fanboy

    The staff exist solely to ensure that your experience on NintyBuzz is as satisfactory as possible. This means that as well as being there to help you with any issues you may have on the forums, we may also have to be the ones to put disciplinary measures into action. We only ever do this after very careful consideration, so please respect our decisions.

    If you do, however, disagree with a decision taken by a mod, the first thing to do is to contact the mod in question in a polite way (by PM), who will explain their action to you.

    Moaning about individual moderation decisions will not be tolerated, and will result in a penalty of 5 infraction points for the moaner. This is not in order to remove your right to free speech, but to protect individual mods from personal attacks and to keep the forum clear of spam. General discussion (i.e. not referring to people in particular) about the forum and how it is run is welcomed (and encouraged) in the "Website Feedback + Community" section.

    Thanks for Reading ;)


    [1] - http://www.cmf.org.uk/publications/content.asp?context=article&id=1304

    Update Log:

    17/10/11 - Clarified that mods/admins aren't immune to infractions.
    18/10/11 - Clarified double account + no advertising rules.
    24/10/11 - Clarified backseat modding rules.
    26/10/11 - Added rule about US vs Europe.
    20/11/11 - Added rules on Piracy.
    04/01/12 - Added the No Friend Code Threads rule.
    19/01/12 - Did some little edits and updates.
    10/03/12 - Updated to take into account the migration. {V2.1}
    13/04/12 - Minor Change to swearing rules.
    15/04/12 - Update to advertising rules.
    17/04/12 - New Rule: Likes.
    04/07/12 - Added more swears.
    24/07/12 - Added Rule 15.
    26/08/12 - Added Free Speech Rule.
    25/09/12 - After Research, Updated Free Speech Rule.
    25/12/12 - Added Spammer Cops in.
    28/12/12 - Revised Advertising Rule to include Status Updates.
    07/07/13 - Clarified stance on R4 cards.
    12/07/13 - Updates: Removed friend code rule, spammer cops and made some other minor changes to wordings.
    12/08/13 - Separated rules on trolling and spam for clarity.
    21/08/13 - Added link to piracy rule.
    25/09/13 - Updated rules to reflect staff changes -Sam
    22/08/14 - Added rule on posting pictures -Klobb, discussed by staff
    1/12/14 - Updated rule on advertising -Klobb, proposed by Adam
    1/12/14- Turned Maddud's first post into some of the rules because the first post exceeded the word limit lol
    14/07/15 - Added disposable email rule
    06/06/16 - UPDATED TO V3
    01/08/16 - Modified Like for Like rule to accommodate Yoshi's Trading Post, and added a rule against exploiting Melon Gain Events.
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    #2 triforceguy1, Jun 6, 2016
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2016
  3. triforceguy1

    Staff Member Flint Cragley

    Oct 3, 2010
    Likes Received:
    01/08/16 - Modified Like for Like rule to accommodate Yoshi's Trading Post, and added a rule against exploiting Melon Gain Events.
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