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  1. Level
    290 Points
  2. 10 points to reach Level 5


  1. Posting Partners

    Squirps has joined your party!

    He's waited 1500 years for this, Squirps is now awake from his slumber and needs someone to keep him fed with golden chocolate. He also had 20 Trophy Points hidden between his tentacles... Do you really want those points?
  2. Like for Rupees

    Red Rupee

    You got a Red Rupee!
    It's worth 200 Likes!
    That's pretty nice!
  3. Only time will tell...

    Buzzin' Bill

    Wow! You've been here since the 3DS Buzz Days? Well done for making the jump from 3DS Buzz to NintyBuzz, here's 50 trophy points to celebrate!
  4. Buzz Awards 2011

    Biggest Vita Fanboy 2011

    Congrats Soupaface! (I think...)