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  1. Level
    289 Points
  2. 11 points to reach Level 5


  1. Posting Partners

    Merlee has joined your party!

    Merlee's her name, and she wants to join your game. 20 Trophy Point she has, sure to add that extra pizazz!
  2. Like for Rupees

    Yellow Rupee

    You got a Yellow Rupee!
    Just one is worth 100 Likes!
    Not too bad, huh?
  3. Only time will tell...

    Buzzin' Bill

    Wow! You've been here since the 3DS Buzz Days? Well done for making the jump from 3DS Buzz to NintyBuzz, here's 50 trophy points to celebrate!
  4. Legacy Trophies

    Wiki Editor of the Month

    Become the Wiki Editor of the month. You also get a custom rank and a free Nintendo 3DS game of your choice!