Earlier today, Capcom launched the Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Demo Version onto the Nintendo Switch eShop. I’ve been having a right blast preparing myself for the hunt later this month so far. If you would allow it, I would like to share some gameplay footage with you lovely lot. 

Let us start from the beginning, with this beautiful intro cinematic. This is then followed by the promo video to showcase some of the features this remaster has to offer.

Have I whetted your appetite yet? Check out some of my hunts, in glorious video form, after the break!

I started off easy for my first hunt. I set off to hunt the Great Maccao as an Aerial fighter with the Switch Axe… almost sounds like some sort of mystical version of Cluedo. With the help of my palico friends, Thoth and Kid, we were able to fell this beast no problemo!

Next up was the Barioth. This frozen beastie usually would be a bit of a mid-level nuisance, though I opted for a higher challenge by going in as a palico myself. Suffice to say that I didn’t do so well… but at least I failed from running out of time.

Finally, I decided to assemble an online squad rather than go it alone… especially as I wanted to hunt a Valstrax! I thought it would be best to not go in prowler mode this time, instead I decided to try out the Charge Blade. That Valstrax was one hell of a beast, we were basically like ragdolls to him/her. After two unsuccessful attempts, I decided to pull back a bit and hunt the Barioth once again. I feel that I did quite well, I can’t quite say the same about my teammates but we all tried our best at least.

And there we have it. Have you had the chance to try out the demo yet? If so, what are your best hunt times so far? Come and tell us in the comments below!