Xenoblade Chronicles X Stream Goes Live Friday

I’ll be continuing our ‘Let’s Play’ stream of Xenoblade Chronicles X tomorrow (Friday, 20th April 2018) over on Twitch from 8pm BST. Check out the live feed here.

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NintyStream Announcement

UPDATE – The stream has postponed to start at approximately 7:20pm BST

For a while I’ve been thinking about starting to do more streaming, both for NintyBuzz as well as for myself. Well, I’ve finally decided to kick myself into gear and am planning on starting tomorrow on a, hopefully, weekly or bi-monthly basis.

I plan to go live from about 6pm UK time (which is GMT+1 at the moment I believe) and it’s going to start simple with a Let’s Play of Xenoblade Chronicles X, I have been meaning to restart it, and what’s a better excuse than to stream.

Once I’ve gotten my confidence up more for streaming, you should expect a more reliable schedule, more varied content, and perhaps even some live sneak peaks (within what I am allowed to show of course).

Anywho, you can catch me live from 6pm BST over at the NintyBuzz Twitch channel tomorrow (13th April 2018). See you there!

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Weekly European Nintendo Download – 12/04/18

It’s Thursday, which means that the Nintendo eShop is dropping some more digital goodies on the Nintendo eShops.

This week use your environment to your advantage in Don’t Starve: Nintendo Switch Edition, keep your sanity in The Bunker, save 5p on Rocket League, and so much more!

Find out what’s new after the break!


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NPUK – Interview With the Princess of the Wild

A couple weeks ago, we told you about Nintendo Player UK’s interview with the voice talent behind the champions from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. More recently however, NPUK were graced by the presence of royalty, Patricia Summersett, the regal voice behind Princess Zelda of Breath of the Wild.

Check out the full interview after the break!


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European eShop Sale Nearly Over

The Nintendo eShops are full of wondrous delights ready for download. Experience a new type of fear in Resident Evil 1and 2 on the Nintendo Switch. Bring down the law in Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies for Nintendo 3DS. Bring down Big Brother in Watch Dogs for Nintendo Wii U. Score faster than the speed of light in Rocket League for Nintendo Switch. There are so many experiences to enjoy!

To celebrate the weather finally getting warmer, Nintendo have been hosting the Spring into Action Sale across their eShops in Europe for the past couple weeks. The sale is about to end, so if you want to fill out your microSD cards a bit more, then you may want to take advantage of some of these great discounts while they last, the majority of the discounts end this Thursday, 5th April 2018.

Already, I have downloaded Revelations 2 for £14.99, Rocket League for £11.28, and Inversus Deluxe for £8.24! Check out the full list of on sale items after the break. Be sure to use our handy search and sorting tools!


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Weekly European Nintendo Download – 22/03/18

It’s Thursday, which means that the Nintendo eShop is dropping some more digital goodies on the Nintendo eShops.

This week we have the mystery solving pokémon in Detective Pikachu, a plundering curse in Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse, some delightful eShop discounts in the Spring Sale, and more!

Check what’s coming your way after the break!


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REVIEW – Mario Party: The Top 100

You would think that after 15 games, Mario and co. would be completely partied out. Apparently not, as this time the Mushroom Kingdom is holding a special party bash to celebrate the most integral part of any Mario Party game… the mini-games! Take a stroll down nostalgia lane with 100 mini-games from the past ten years (yes, Mario Party turns ten this year in Japan) in Mario Party: The Top 100!

Is Mario Party: The Top 100 the ultimate celebration, or is it worse than that one party I hosted when nobody turned up? Find out in our review after the break… and after I’ve finished crying!


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