NintyBuzz Turns One!

Well, that went quickly. One year ago I opened up the doors to NintyBuzz hoping to bring the internet Nintendo news and non-biased reviews. Indeed I tend to not cover news that much anymore, but I’d like to think we are still mostly unbiased.

A year seems like a long time, heck I started and finished a year long course at college since I started NintyBuzz, but it sure went quickly. I would just let to thank everyone who comes on a regular basis (no mater how slim the numbers are) for visiting, and I hope you enjoy the next year of gaming and beyond.

I may have a little surprise in a week or so to to commemorate the occasion, but more about that later. But for now, just keep on buzzing!


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So, the reboot has been a bit slow but we are gradually getting there. I have decided to give myself a sort of schedule to try and go so that we look somewhat active!

First of all, I want to try and publish at least one new review every month, but trying to push for two or, if I’m devious, three! I plan for NintyTalk to air every fortnight or, if news has been very slow, every month. Me and Chris should hopefully have a new episode up sometime next week, we have lots to talk about. I also plan to bring back NintyBeats very soon, though at the moment I am also thinking that this should be a fortnightly feature. Finally, there will also be several one off articles being published soon. As soon as Sam has escaped the terror that is University, he will start posting several one-offs. He told me he has some good ideas but refused to divulge into much detail!

Also, remember that E3 is slowly rearing its face, which means we will have even more topics to talk about, and maybe even some more competitions/giveaways if I have a stable income by then!

Hopefully, this should give you delightful readers an idea of what to expect over the following several weeks. Bear in mind I do still have College and deadlines for assignments, but come E3, I will be finished with College for good so I’ll have even more time for NintyBuzz.

Before I go, if you are interested with helping out with writing articles and reviews, visit the Work for Us page and pop us an email!

Happy Buzzing!

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NintyTalk – Buzzing Revival

Well, we have worked hard (mostly) over the weekend for this and we are now ready to reveal… well, what we have been working on, obviously!

Anywho, we are happy to announce NintyTalk! NintyTalk is a brand new feature in which we will have a spontaneous discussion on recent Nintendo and other gaming news. As this is still very early days, so we may be a bit rusty (heck, we’re very rusty) but hopefully, the more we do, the more we should improve.

Now, in this instalment of NintyTalk, we’ll be discussing the NintyBuzz revival, Xenoblade X Mini-Direct, Smash Bros. DLC, Mario Kart DLC, Zelda Wii U Delay and Project Ukulele!

Please tell us what you think of this episode and how we could improve. See you next time!

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