Mario Kart 8 Mercedes-Benz DLC Explained

On the 27th August 2014, Mario Kart 8 players around the world will be able to download the Mercedes-Benz DLC for free. Before now, we didn’t know the exact detail, but thanks to a PR contact, we now do! But first, here’s the Japanese trailer for the DLC to get your excitement pumping!

First, let us start with what models will be added. First we have the modern Mercedes-Benz GLA, the luxurious yet compact SUV. Then we have 300 SL Roadster, a sports car built for the road. Finally there is the Silver Arrow from the 1930’s, Mercedes-Benz’s legendary Formula 1 racing car. Each car can be customised with various car parts that you unlock throughout the game, however the GLA model will come with three special wheel variations.


The 27th August also marks the 22nd anniversary for the Mario Kart franchise from the release of Super Mario Kart in Japan on the 27th August 1992 for the SNES. For this special occasion, players can compete in the Mercedes Cup from the 27th August to the 23rd September 2014!

Which model will you be looking forward to race with?

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Go Full Throttle With Mercedes-Benz DLC And More With New Mario Kart 8 Update

With more than two and a half million people playing worldwide in just only two months, Mario Kart 8 seems to be a Wii U surefire hit, and what’s better to celebrate than a brand new update, complete with the anticipated Mercedes-Benz DLC.

From the 27th August 2014, a new update will be published for Mario Kart 8. This will add a mini-map to the TV screen, allow players to download the free Mercedes-Benz DLC, change the default option after finishing a race to ‘Next Race’ rather than ‘View Highlights’, save the last used kart customisation so you don’t have to keep changing to your favourite parts when you quit, give you the ability to edits other racer highlights, crate a record screen for Coins collect, online win-loss etc., and finally address certain bugs and internet stability. That’s quite a hefty update! I would assume that the update is going to be released worldwide simultaneously, though I can not be 100% sure yet.


Which of these new features are you most looking forward to? Is there anything else you want to be added? I wouldn’t mind a few proper battle mode stages or at least a return of Bob-Omb Blast! Tell us what you think in the comments. Also, if you do not own a copy of Mario Kart 8 yet, then use the links below to purchase a copy! [remember, the Wii U is region locked]

Than you to NintendoEverything for providing translations!

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