Nintendo Direct Summary: September 2017

Nintendo crammed new reveals and information for over 40 titles in last night’s Nintendo Direct. Taking the Spotlight segments were Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Project Octopath Traveler and of course, Super Mario Odyssey.

Some of the most notable reveals were from Bethesda as they are bringing DOOM and Wolfenstein II to the Switch with the former in Winter this year and the latter in 2018. On a more peculiar note, Minecraft is coming to the New Nintendo 3DS ‘soon’ but with no word on compatibility with other versions. (more…)

Nintendo 3DS Direct To Start Off September 2016

While spending my 21st birthday being rather lazy (to be fair, I did go to the Crystal Maze experience this past Sunday), I was informed that Nintendo will be hosting a brand new Direct on the 1st September 2016! This Nintendo 3DS focused Direct will go live at 3pm BST. The last Direct was way back in March, so it is nice to see a new one finally airing soon!

We aren’t completely certain what this direct will pertain, though we are told that it will be Nintendo 3DS focused. We were also told that plans on the NX and mobile will not be revealed. Perhaps we could see a new game announcement or two?

There will also be a North American version airing on the same day at 7am PT.

Watch live video from NintendoUK on

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Splatoon Direct Announcements

Wasn’t that a short and sweet direct… well maybe not so sweet, those Inkling’s look very mischievous! Though the majority of the Direct was basically recapping information which we have heard before, there were still some very interesting information announced too.

Check out what they were after the break!


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Splat Direct! Splatoon Nintendo Direct Next Thursday

Update – Apologies, the reported date is a Thursday, NOT a Friday.

We don’t usually cover news, but when we do, it’s got to be exciting, and here we are! We may have had a Nintendo Direct at the beginning of the month (not including the Xenoblade Mini-Direct last week), but it seems they think that we already deserve another direct, this time focusing on Splatoon, next Thursday (7th May 2015)

You can expect it to air in various regions as follows:

North America – 10am EST

UK – 3pm BST

Europe – 4pm CEST

Australia/New Zealand – Midnight AEST

Japan – 11pm

No news yet how long this Direct will be, it could just be another mini-Direct, but we’ll be sure to have a discussion about the event soon after.

Splatoon will be released on the 29th May 2015 in Europe and North America.

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New Nintendo Direct Airs Tomorrow!

Today, Nintendo have announced that they are hosting the first ever Nintendo Direct for 2015! This will be hosted by Satoru Iwata and crew tomorrow [Wednesday 14th January 2015] at 2pm UK time/6am PT and will be primarily focusing on Wii U and 3DS titles releasing in Spring 2015.

We are hoping to hear release dates for Majora’s Mask 3D, Splatoon, the New Nintendo 3DS and more. Be sure to check back after the stream for our coverage by Sam!

What do you hope to see in tomorrow’s Direct? Tell us in the comments below… directly! [couldn’t resist]

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Nintendo To Bring Hyrule Warriors Details Direct On Monday

Earlier today, Nintendo announced that they are airing their first Western Nintendo Direct since E3 this coming Monday (4th August 2014), though it won’t be a general Direct we usually see. This Nintendo Direct will be covering loads of details on the upcoming Hyrule Warriors!

The Direct will be airing 8pm PT, just in time for bedtime for the Americans, and at 4am BST, kinda a rubbish time for us British and Europeans though Nintendo promise that the whole Direct will be published on YouTube by 7am BST!

Catch the live presentation from the Nintendo Direct Website here!

What are you hoping to be announced? More characters? More items? Tell us all in the comments below!