Batter Up in Outer Space with New Super Mario Odyssey Outfits

Two brand new costumes for Mario to don just landed in Super Mario Odyssey. If you really want to make the part on The Moon, then why not chuck on your Satellaview Helmet and Suit. Alternatively, if you really want a costume that’ll say home run, then the Batting Helmet and Baseball Uniform is the ‘stume for you!

Boot up Super Mario Odyssey right now and start saving those coins for these two new outfits. Haven’t had a dip into the vast world of Super Mario Odyssey yet? Then why not check out our review!

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New Arms Fighter Incoming

Last week, Nintendo of Japan’s Twitter page announced that the next ARMS update will include a brand new fighter, along with brand new ARMS. The same account just gave us a sneak peek to what we can expect.

Though the snippet of footage is blurry, we can make out that the new fighter could be likely to be female (thought we wouldn’t want to assume now, would we) and that one of their ARMS seems to twirl around in fashion. Additionally, from the rough translation, it seems their ARMS are actually distinctly part of the new fighter’s dress. This fighter will surely make the others look like they hit a fashion faux pas!

Haven’t picked up ARMS yet? Try reading our review to see what we thought!

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Splat Brella Releasing Tomorrow for Splatoon 2

One of Splatoon’s unique new weapons is releasing tomorrow, the Splat Brella. This shotgun like weapon is perfect for close encounters, and holding fire will open up the parasol acting like a nifty shield. That’s not all, hold the brella open long enough will launch it forwards. Use this for a sneak attack… your enemy won’t know what splat them!

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WIN – Happy Home Halloween Designer

We have a new spooky competition for this month of October, and with the release of Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer last week, this one is sure to be a hoot! This month, there will be three winners as we have three packs of Amiibo cards and an Amiibo figure to give away.

Find out how to enter and the rules after the break!


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