It’s a staple for the typical ‘lads’ night in. Crack open a couple of cold ones, turn a pack of Doritos into a sharing bowl, and whack out a couple matches of FIFA… or at least that’s what I am told. I’m not a ‘lad’ so I never had the experience.

Either way, the latest instalment of the EA footy franchise, FIFA 18 is out now for the Nintendo Switch. Is FIFA 18 for Switch worthy of that cold, frosty, and probably alcoholic beverage, or is it a complete red card? Find out after the break… see, I can make sporty references!


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REVIEW – Mario Sports Superstars

Warm weather is finally coming, which is the perfect time for Mario and Co. to get athletic and play some sports outdoors. Mario Sports Superstars however doesn’t focus on one sport, rather five different sports. Kick the ball around in Football, hit a home run in Baseball, get a rally going in Tennis, score a hole in one in Golf, and race your trusty steeds in Horse Racing.

Does Mario Sports Superstars take home the gold trophy, or is it worse than a doping controversy? Find out in our review, after the break!


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