OPINION: What we want from Nintendo NX

As it stands, we are completely in the dark about the NX other than it comes out next Spring and it will include Zelda Wii U in the launch line-up. Seeing how the console is planned to debut in just over ten months, a lot of gamers are growing concerned with exactly what the NX is, or if Nintendo will be able to recover from the commercial failure of the Wii U (which is still a brilliant console). How powerful is it? Is it a hybrid? Will it use cartridges? We are all clueless!

Today, I’ve compiled a list of features and ‘things’ which I believe could make the NX a success, as well as some personal desires, think of it as a NX wish list. Check them out, after the break!


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Weekend NintyBeats — The Mysterious Absence of Atmosphere

The music of Nintendo games make them truly remarkable and memorable. To show our love of the music, every Friday we share a selection of tracks from various Nintendo titles, new and old.

Another three pieces of Nintendo’s best music, for another three two-and-a-third days! This week we have music from three series that are either missing, dead, or dead-to-me…


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Weekend NintyBeats – Smash Spectacular [21st November ’14]

Music plays such a huge part within Nintendo games to make them truly remarkable and memorable. To show our appreciation and love of the music, every Friday we shall share a selection of tracks from various Nintendo games, new and old.

To celebrate the release of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Wii U, we will be looking back at some of the amazing arrangements featured in previous Smash games!

Listen to our selection after the break!


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Legend of Zelda Mario Kart 8 DLC Out Now!

Today is the day many Mario Kart fans have been waiting eagerly for. The release for the first ever paid DLC pack in the Mario Kart franchise. Nintendo have just pushed out an update for MK8 bringing it to version 3.0. The update makes the first DLC pack available to use [assuming you have already purchased it], as well as adds Amiibo Support. When you tap an Amiibo on Amiibo Settings in Mario Kart 8, a new outfit based on that character is unlocked for your Mii racers.

Check out what the first DLC pack consists of after the break!


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