WIN – The NintyBuzz Awards 2016 – Nominations

UPDATE – You have just over 24 hours to submit your nominations!

Another year is nearly over, and even though Nintendo has been a bit quieter with big releases compared to previous years, there were still a fair amount of games that deserve recognition.

The NintyBuzz Awards are back for 2016, and they are bigger than ever. There are now four new categories to vote in, and by nominating, you have a chance to win $50/£50 to spend on the Nintendo eShop!

Check out the categories and rules after the break!


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TOURNEY – Summer Splat-a-thon Supreme 2016

Can you believe it, Summer is nearly over. We still can’t get over The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild from E3, but pretty soon we will have to return to normality, back to school, back to baggy trousers, that sort of thing. Luckily, we have one very last-minute organised trick up our sleeve to end Summer with a bang!

To top off the peak of Summer, we’d thought to host a new Splatoon tournament, the NintyBuzz Summer Splat-a-thon Supreme! We have actually already hosted this tournament before, back on 3DS Buzz Forums, before the big merge, last year. In the end, the member Pepe claimed victory and is chuffed with his Lucina Amiibo to top off his Fire Emblem series.

Check out all the info for this year after the break!


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Weekend NintyBeats — The Homely Western Planet

The music of Nintendo games make them truly remarkable and memorable. To show our love of the music, every Friday we share a selection of tracks from various Nintendo titles, new and old.

In past NintyBeats, I may have neglected to give indie games the attention they deserve (possibly; even I don’t read these things). So this week, ’tis the time to focus on the music of three of Nintendo’s finest indie titles.


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The latest box-related 3DS eShop title, BOX BOY!, is developed by prominent Nintendo developer HAL Laboratory (of Kirby & Smash fame). A totally new concept from a developer like HAL is certainly interesting, but is it any good? Mr. Fuego gives his (extraordinarily belated) thoughts on the game…


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NintyNews Weekly – 31st July ’15

It’s that time of week again! It’s time to look back over the past week to see what’s been buzzing in the Ninty world. This week has been chock full of updates, big ones too.

Find out what’s buzzing after the break!


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NintyNews Weekly – 17th July ’15

It’s that time of week again! It’s time to look back over the past week to see what’s been buzzing in the Ninty world. It’s been a pretty ‘interesting’ and quiet week this week. It started off on a rather depressing note, though in the end it turned into something rather beautiful.

Check out the top news of the week after the break!


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NintyNews Weekly – 10th July ’15

Greetings Nintendites of the world (and possibly beyond). I come to you today with a brand new weekly (hopefully) feature which aims to bring back Nintendo News to NintyBuzz, as well as some easy activity from myself! NintyNews Weekly aims to bring you wonderful lot some of the biggest Nintendo news from the past week or so to try and keep everyone, including myself, updated on everything Ninty. If there has been a big break in another gaming department other than Nintendo, than you may as well see it here… in fact, we have something that has deemed a little controversy in this week’s edition.

So, let us get things started… after the break!


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