Playground Mode returns to Fortnite in 1st Birthday update

Last month, Epic Games included a brand new limited time mode (or LTM) called Playground Mode. This peaceful mode allowed players to roam around the world freely, either on their own or in a squad, and build to their hearts content. It’s perfect for practicing for Battle Royale, or if you just want to screw about with your friends. The mode returns tomorrow (25th July 2018) for a limited time with brand new features, such as more supply drops, lowered respawn time, in-game team switching, and more.

That’s not all as today marks Fortnite’s 1st Birthday! To celebrate, Epic have included some exclusive birthday swag. Each Birthday challenge which you complete will unlock a new piece of Birthday gear. You can also find slices of Birthday cake around the world which will increase both your health and shield by 5 points. Finally, there have also been a few cosmetic changes added to the battle bus and supply drops.

Check out the full patch notes from the 5.10 update, which is live now, right after the break!


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Happy 62nd Birthday Shigeru Miyamoto!

62 years ago today, a legendary boy was born. Little did he know, when he was in the delivery room, that he was going to bring gaming out of dark times and give life to several beloved characters. The include an Italian plumber, a young Hyrulian hero, and a huge team of little plan men and women. I am of course talking about Shigeru Miyamoto who turned 62 today [technically yesterday according to Japanese timezones]!

We at NintyBuzz wish him a belated happy birthday and we hope he continues to create amazing games for years to come.

What was your favourite game by Shigeru Miyamoto? Tell us in the comments below!

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