Weekly European Nintendo Download – 26/04/18

It’s Thursday, which means that the Nintendo eShop is dropping some more digital goodies on the Nintendo eShops.

This week, come on down to South Park and meet some friends of mine in South Park: The Fractured But Whole for Switch, , and more!

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Satoru Shibata Retiring as Nintendo of Europe President

Kimishima isn’t the only one stepping down from their role at Nintendo shortly. Satoru Shibata, President of Nintendo of Europe, will also be retiring from his role. It is currently unknown who will be taking over his role.

It isn’t all doom and gloom however, though he will be stepping down as the president of NoE, he will be stepping up as director, giving him a more executive role for the company. With a bit of luck, maybe we will still see him make appearances at events and receive public messages from him, which has always been a delight.

SOURCE – Nintendo

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Tatsumi Kimishima Retiring as President of Nintendo

Tatsumi Kimishima has been operating as the President of Nintendo for three years, taking over Satoru Iwata’s roles after his tragic and sudden passing. Though it was meant as a temporary role, he was president of the Japanese company over one of Nintendo’s most successful periods. That is, of course, the thriving launch of the Nintendo Switch.

When he steps down on the 28th June 2018, Shuntaro Furukawa will take the reins of Nintendo as the new president. He originally joined Nintendo in 1994, where he has worked in marketing for the company, as well as at The Pokémon Company. More recently, he has worked as Nintendo’s Managing Executive Officer, Supervisor of Corporate Analysis & Administration Division and Director.

We look forward to see what Furukawa can bring to Nintendo for the future.

SOURCE – Nintendo

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Tournament Splatfest Incoming from the Sewers

Those of you who play Splatoon 2 probably know about the frequent Splafests which take place on the title. Every few weeks, players get to split themselves between two teams, such as Ketchup and Mustard, and then partake in exciting Turf Wars over a festival to figure out which side comes out on top.

Things will be switching up a notch next month however, with tournament-styled Splatfests. The first two weekends of May will host two different Splatfests, with two different teams at each one. The two teams which come out on top during those ‘qualifying’ Splatfests will go to the finals on the 19th and 20th May 2018 to deem the trues victor.

Just what will the theme be however? May’s tournament Splatfest will decide which turtle is the gnarliest, awesomest, and overall bestest of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Check out all the info you’ll need in the press release after the break!


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Nintendo Labo Lauch Stream Airs Friday

This week I plan to have a little break from streaming Xenoblade Chronicles X on the Wii U. Instead I am going to do a special stream for the launch of Nintendo Labo in Europe this Friday.

I plan to start streaming at around 2pm BST (give or take depending on when my kits arrive in the post), and I plan on doing an unboxing, a couple ToyCon builds, as well as just faffing about with ToyCon Garage.

Be sure to check it out on our Twitch Channel!

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Wolfenstein II Switch Dated for 29th June

Back in September 2017, Bethesda announced that their Nazi bashing sequel, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, will be releasing for the Nintendo Switch.

Be prepared to start the all-new American revolution, anywhere and anytime starting from the 29th June 2018. For now however, enjoy this brand new trailer!

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Splatoon 2 v3.0 Update Out Now

The next flagship update for Splatoon 2 is ready to download right now to keep the shooter fresh as ever.

First of all, the new update adds the brand new X Rank. Feelin’ like you’re already the cream of the shoal with a rank of S+10? Then welcome to X Rank. The best and freshest players will compete to raise their X Power levels. Additionally, once a month, the top 500 X Rank players will be featured on the SplatNet2 service on the Nintendo Switch Online app… yup that’s still a thing!

The update also comes jam packed with over 100 new pieces of gear. Both new, and returning fashion trends from the original Splatoon will be featured. Why not mix and match new an old to create an even fresher trend… or a complete fashion faux pas. Speaking of returning goodies, it has been rumoured that singing sensation from the famous duo, Callie, has been hanging out in Tentakeel Outpost, but only for the freshest inklings. Want some fresh tunes? Then you’ll be happy to hear that Chirpy Chip have you covered with two brand new tracks!

Check out the press release and patch notes after the break!


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