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Favorite RPGs

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Lis4Real25, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. Lis4Real25

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    Aug 1, 2011
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    So I've been thinking a lot lately about which RPGs are my favorites. RPGs are probably my favorite genre of games next to platformers and stealth/action. I think Kingdom Hearts was my introduction to the genre and I've grown to love them ever since. So I'm curious to see what is everybody's favorite RPGs. I'm including JRPGs, Action RPGs, and everything else in this category. Basically if it has a leveling system and/or party of characters to control and customize I'm counting it as an RPG.

    So here's some of my personal favorites to start with.

    Paper Mario TTYD


    For a long time I've considered this my favorite RPG for a number of reasons. The battle system is really fun and has a lot of ins and outs to it. The characters are interesting and varied. The world includes everything from a train heist to a wrestling arena. And it is still the only RPG I've ever stuck with to complete 100%.(Came close with Final Fantasy VII though.) I feel like this is by far the best of the series, with none of the games after coming close to what this one did.(Although Super Paper Mario is still a good game). I also have nostalgia with this game, since I played through a large part of it with one of my friends when I was younger.

    Chrono Trigger


    This is kind of a go to for many people, as to one of the best RPGs, and I wholeheartedly agree. For one it has an interesting plot that involves Time Travel, which when used right is an easy way for me to get into a story quickly. It also has the best soundtrack of any video game I've ever played. There isn't a track for me in the game I hated. All of it is very beautiful and memorable to me. Also it has so much replay value with the fact you can replay the game and get alternate endings that range from hilarious to heart breaking.

    Kingdom Hearts 2 and Birth By Sleep


    This was the series that got me into RPGs and a series I still personally love. I feel like 2 and BBS are the best in terms of fun gameplay and good story. 2's combat feels more solid, but I like the additions in BBS like shotlocks. 2's story does a good job of wrapping up the story at that point while also setting up for future titles. Birth By Sleep acts as an amazing prologue that gives so much more depth to the other games in the series.

    Persona 3 FES/Portable, Persona 4 Golden, and Persona 5


    This is a hard one, because I started this series with Persona 4 Golden the beginning of this year and ended up falling in love with it and bingeing the rest of the series from 3 onward. I love all 3 of these games for different reasons. 4 Golden will always be special because I played it first and it really made me care for it's characters and story unlike any other game I had played. It's group of characters is my favorite with how they befriend one another and the game showing them overcoming their own personal obstacles in life. 3 FES has my all time favorite ending to a video game. I won't spoil any of it, but they set it up over the course of the game and it hit me so hard when it finally happens. It's both beautiful and tragic. And it leaves you with such an amazing lesson about the meaning of life and what gives our lives meaning. And the Portable version fixes gameplay issues, but because it removes cutscenes and replaces them with character portraits it kinda takes away from the story for me personally. Although I list it because of of the added female route, which is almost an entirely new game. There are new characters, new songs, and alternate versions of major story events. Also the addition of a Social Link for Shinjiro is what made this version so enjoyable for me. Again no spoilers, but this version made me love him so much as a character and added so much more depth to his story. Also overall I think Persona 3 has my favorite overall soundtrack of the series. And Persona 5 is probably the best gameplay wise. It's Mementos is basically 3's Tartarus but made actually fun, and the additions it adds to combat make it more enjoyable. And it's main story may be my favorite of any video game. It somehow manages to tell a story that feles very true to the world we live in now. How information and news is at everyone's fingertips 24/7 and all the good and bad that causes the whole population. It has a ton of really well thought out and elaborate twist and turns. So many moments had me speechless at what was happening. If I had to recommend a place to start for anybody that hasn't played the series yet, I recommend Persona 4 Golden or 5 first. 4 Golden is only on Vita though, which makes it hard to have a way to play it sadly, but it's such an improvement of the original on PS2, I feel like you're doing yourself a disservice if you don't play the Golden version. 5 is obviously easier to get and play because it's on PS3 and 4. I still highly reccomend 3, but only the FES version first. FES has some older harder gameplay, but the story is better with actual cutscenes. Plus it adds a social link for Aigis, which really adds to the ending IMO. Also it has an epilogue called The Answer, but since it's basically just Tartarus 2.0, you may be better off looking it up on youtube. but I do still recommend looking it up after finishing the game, because it does add some depth and closure to the events of the main game. I recommend P3P for a second playthrough of 3's story exclusively for the Female route and how different it is to the original.
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  2. xavier


    Sep 18, 2017
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    Persona 4 Golden for me so far!
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