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Feb 2, 2014 at 4:21 AM
May 13, 2011
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BalrogTheMaster was last seen:
Feb 2, 2014
    1. Kiba
      Come back.
    2. Famicom3DS
      Hey Balrog, I really like your videos, keep up the good work!
    3. RedBomber
      Glad you came back to 3ds Buzz ;)

      Keep up the great work on Youtube also good luck going into Exam week ;)
    4. Matty Brapps
      Matty Brapps
      Congrats on the success of your youtube channel bro.
    5. chimferno
      Hi Balrog. I really like your Nintendo 101 segment. I've subbed to you on Youtube too. Can we exchange FCs?
    6. Moo Cow
      Moo Cow
      Haha, I have 40/40 Water Sprites and 2000/2000 Golden Diamonds. :D
      Since I beat it 100%, I'm thinking of writing a FAQ for it.
    7. Moo Cow
      Moo Cow
      Hey. I really liked your review on Mutant Mudds. How are you enjoying the game?
    8. Sir Darth Vader
      Sir Darth Vader
      Hi its me Vader I really like your reviews and such and I would like to exchange friend codes with you what do you say???:)
    9. Zok
      Whazzup? I really like your reviews!

      I think you should surprise your viewers by throwing out a random word in Klingon every now and then. :p
    10. London
      Well a mini-review is better then no review at all. ;)
    11. London
      Hello Balrog, iv been following you on YouTube now for the past 6 months+. I really want you to do a review of Bloons Tower Defence on the DSiWare/3DS eShop.

      It launched a few weeks ago in mid-December.
    12. Granbo92
      Heyy do you have Pokemon Black/White?
    13. Sonic The Hedgehog
      Sonic The Hedgehog
      I have to say your reviews are pretty good, say what do you think of that new Playstation TV called the Playstation 3D Display? I already payed for mine now I have to pick it up at best buy!
    14. Fire Mario
      Fire Mario
      I have been busy so sorry I couldn't answer back sooner. It's good to hear you are reviewing MK7. I will probably get the Wii U next Christmas or maybe a bit later then that. Nintendo has always been my number 1 console but there are a few games I like on the PS and Xbox but nearly all games I like are Nintendo games. Tell me when you have done your review and I'll have a look at it. I hope you are still enjoying 3ds Buzz and good luck with future reviews of other games. :)
    15. Fire Mario
      Fire Mario
      Hello, I'm Fire Mario, I'm 13 and I live in the UK. I like Mario, Pokemon, Kirby, Dragon Quest, Animal Crossing, Sonic and Zelda the most. I love RPG's games and I currently only have Ridge Racer and Super Mario 3D Land. I will be getting MK7, are you getting it? What 3ds games are you interested in and will you get a Wii U?
    16. shark
      You should make a thread on intradutions so people will know you better :)
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