Microsoft may buy Minecraft for $2 Billion

It’s time for some Non-Nintendo news! Microsoft were the first to get Minecraft onto consoles after the huge success on the PC, and it looks like they want to keep any future plans exclusive to the Xbox One and 360.

According to The Verge Microsoft is paying $2 billion for Mojang AB, but clearly they only want one thing from the comapany, and we all know it isn’t Scrolls.

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Alien Isolation

Weaver Touched by Alien: Isolation Story!

Okay, we usually don’t cover stories which don’t have anything to do with Nintendo, but sometimes we may find something which we find interesting enough that it deserves coverage on NintyBuzz. Today I am talking about the newest game in the Alien franchise, Alien: Isolation. The story follows Ripley’s daughter, Amanda, exploring space in search for her mother. Continue reading